Friday, July 25, 2008


Aye...we've done it again....gone AWOL for far too long and neglected updating things online. Youre probably used to apologies for i guess i neednt make one....i could make promises such as 'it wont happen again' and 'there'll be 23 updates per week from now on' but by now we all know it just aint gonna happen....just expect sporadic updates and you never know...essoben may actually grace us with his presence one day....ben?...ben???

ok...well as you may have read we HAVE actually been doing some work....and id say we're about 50 per cent complete now on the album...we're pretty sure we'll be finished by the end of the year as we now think we have the tracks that will feature on this record....

we've been playing around with some covers in our spare time and thought we'd record a few for free downloads whilst you wait for the album....and then somebody came up with the idea of asking you lot for any cover ideas that you think would work with blueneck you have any ideas chuck them into the blueneck forum...if we use any of them then we'll send over some free stuff from bens fridge or something like that.

this week we've been in working on a track called 'weaving spiders come not here' which has been a track that we've just worked from scratch on in the studio, corin's been playing drums on this with johnny due in on monday to add another layer of drums aswell....we'll chuck up a clip soon im sure.

jona from the pirate ship quintet popped in on wednesday to join us in the studio...apparently their next album will be ready around the same time as the blueneck release...which is rather convenient...anyway, it was nice to catch up on some pirate news and also good of jona to make the effort to stay up way past his bedtime. 13.

we've been taking plenty more video over the last few weeks so when ben actually gets around to it expect some more uploads in video form.

i guess im discovering why i dont do that many regular updates....this waffling is so bad its boring even myself to the extent that i think i'll stop now.