Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tick tock

Just a quickie...
we havent died...we've not given up...just gone underground for a while (so to speak)

Lots of new shows being added for later in the year..really excited about some of the places we're going to be visiting...more to be announced soon.

We've practically finished writing 5 new songs for the new recording..with a sixth basically also complete aswell. We start recording these on May 20th and are anticipating a pretty quick turnaround for these tracks.

What to expect? hmmm...i think its still pretty much 'blueneck'...but with maybe a few nods into different directions...theyve certainly been REALLY enjoyable to write and play with the other guys so far...and im dying to get them into the studio environment and really go to work on them...

A lot of people downloaded the last album for free via the usual outlets (rapidshare etc) - fair not about to moan about such things- far from we've decided that for this next record we'll give away the mp3 version of the album via the website - it'll save people going to the trouble of uploading it at least! With a bit of luck if people enjoy it then they'll buy a physical cd or vinyl version (the release WILL be on both formats again) or come to a show etc.

I think we'll know pretty soon after the initial recording session roughly when the record will be available...but we'll be aiming for August to coinicde with the new shows and tours.