Friday, June 29, 2012

pickles ahoy there

blaa blaa blaa, havent written a post in ages, blaa know the usual stuff! man...its nearly july already. sometimes it feels like ive stepped inside marty mcfly's delorean and am fastforwarding through time. so...quick update: Recordings - ive been in and out of the studio on a regular basis throughout the year so far as you may or may not know. The instrumental recording is now about 4 weeks away from completion - its been fun doing this project - i guess its a pretty self indulgent record - nothing on there is going to feature on the latest installment of 'now thats what i call music' (what number are they up to on that nowadays? must be like 345 or something?)! i guess a lot of it is the sort of thing that you might drift off to sleep to - so avoid listening whilst driving!...although there's the odd crash and bang here and there - we've had some fun hitting things..hard. the artwork is nearly it should be available towards the end of september album 4: we've so far approached this record in a different way to the other albums. whereas with the others we have simply gone into the studio with a loose idea and developed it IN the studio, this time we are demoing complete songs...the aim is to have a clear direction of what we want to do with each track BEFORE we take it into the present theres 16 demo versions we have to choose from. its so far been a lot of fun and also we've discovered a new found excitement for making music we're emailing eachother updates to the demos at all times of the day - so the demo versions are constantly evolving. the plan is to finalise one of these new tracks for later this year - we'll then give you a preview of it ... you'll be able to then decide if youre looking forward to the rest of the album or not! tour - sadly, because theres a lot of studio activity we arent playing live much this year. so its just a short tour in october. we're excited to be visiting new places such as budapest, but also equally excited to be making a return to dresden. we have just 2 dates left to book - im currently helping our booker with those dates as he's on a short vacation. we're hoping to make a return to krakow and also either prague or soon as theyre booked we'll post the full itinerary. very much looking forward to seeing some of you there. on a personal note, after the tour is finished i'll have a couple of months off as myself and emma are expecting a new arrival in november - and then normal service will resume (albeit with less sleep!) we'll look to complete recording of album 4 and will coincide it with a full tour. where? dunno. you tell me. we're pretty lucky to get to do these things really. until next time dunk x