Friday, March 12, 2010

new record

I'll get around to doing the final part of the tour 'diary' soon...but for now i thought id just give an update on whats happening here at the moment (blueneck wise). We started rehearsing some new material on Wednesday night. The plan being to start recording later next month with the aim to release an ep in the summer in time for the next batch of tours. There seems to bit a slightly 'warmer' feel to a lot of these new tracks....i wonder if thats due to the fact we know that this will be released in the (theoretically) warmer months. We also will be recording this next record differently from the first 2 albums...more on that at a later point. Anyway, we'll be taking some short video clips over the next few weeks which should act as a slight preview to what is coming up.
We're rehearsing without johnny at the moment who this week had a new addition to his family. a baby girl. so congratulations to johnny and laura on the safe arrival of isla....the next time we see johnny im expecting a grey head of hair, zombie like tiredness and a look of defeat that can only be matched by the look of defeat of Liverpool fans this season.....this has been the least enjoyable season of football in a LONG time...i dont think ive experienced such an anti climax since queing up and spending good money to see highlander 2.


Friday, March 5, 2010

tour - part 3 the gap between part 2 and part 3 was nearly as long as it took for us to write a new album - maybe i was waiting for one of the others to write something...what was that? oh...a tumbleweed just drifted past...
so yeah...lets see if i can remember the last part of the tour...
so we went from leipzig to the beautiful city of chemnitz - a pretty short journey if i remember correctly - i wonder why so many people that we came across on this trip laughed when we said we were going to chemnitz...?...the weltecho was a pretty impressive venue actually...VERY professionally run...we were soundchecked early and had plenty of time to return back to our respective hotels and chill out or do whatever took our fancy for a couple of hours....this was actually a bit weird...noramlly we'll get to a venue...set up...and just hang out there for the course of the evening...
this was a LATE start (more like a club night)...we watched the support act 'Hello Yes Yes' who were good, then played the same setlist as at leipzig...We were meant to be playing 'weaving spiders come not here' at all of these gigs...but just seemed to keep forgetting to play it..apologies for that.
Maybe after the gig we had a few too many birthday and ben certainly did...which made for what was probably the most baffling of interviews that we've ever given after the apologies to Katrin for having to put up with us making no sense whatsoever and for certain members of the band constantly picking up Katrins microphone thinking it was a cigarette lighter!...other notable events from chemnitz? a very cool glitter ball, rich worrying he was about to be raped and probably a lot of other things ive forgotten about (maybe one of the others will remember and write about it - but probably not!)
So - the next morning...we met in the car park...ben (paget) looked as bad as i felt ...we both opted not to drive...the others breathed a sigh of relief that they werent about to be driven by either myself or ben! certain off to duisburg we went...well...kind of...we had a minor detour....unfortunatly one of the band members (who we wont shame by naming) put unleaded fuel into the diesel this is a BIG no no....the van didnt like fact i think the van felt a whole lot worse than me or ben did at that point! we spent a rather long time in the middle of nowhere waiting to get the van fixed....a loooooong was cold...FREEZING...and there was nothing to do....literally. nothing. to. do...but you know...we wont blame Rich TOO much for putting unleaded into a diesel van....oops...i wasnt going to name and shame was i??! ah well..serves you right for not writing any blogs..
so anyway...the day was fading fast....and we were at this point a little concerned as to whether we'd make it to duisburg in time for the gig...we were, afterall, still about 4 hours drive away and it was already 4 olock in the afternoon....