Friday, July 1, 2011

socks and pants pants and socks rice and cheese cheese and rice

STILL mixing....we're about halfway there now - it'll be all finished and wrapped up in exactly a week from today...fact.

sometimes you need to just distance yourself from the whole mixing process for a this morning i took the opportunity to do this, whilst driving in my shitty car. (im reliably informed i have the shittiest car ever...its not even a cool shit...its just shit...please buy 3 albums each of the new album so that i can afford a cool shit opposed to a shit shit im in the car....and managed to forget about mixing for a while by means of;

a) seeing a 13 or 14 year old boy on his way to school sporting a MASSIVE morrisey style hairdo...tres cool i say...i wonder if he knows who morrisey is? or whether his hairstyle is MEANT to be like that...maybe his mates say his hairstyle is shit...and not cool shit...just shit....i shouldve stopeed him to ask him....but you cant really do that here in the UK...youd get arrested.

b) best way to distance yourself from listening to melancholic shit like blueneck all day? listen to something completely different - preferably something youve not listened to in years...maybe something from your this mornings listening ear candy was guns n roses - appetite for destruction...awesome made me want to rewrite the blueneck album completely...and grow my hair long...and probably some other stuff a bottle of jack....but i was driving...and it was probably not a great idea....although pretty rock n roll

c) - i found that its possible to raise my goblet of rock whilst just need to drive with your knees....this is not an endorsement btw....but its fun....especially when people driving the other way see you doing it...

d) the UK really isnt such a shit hole when its sunny yknow...

hmmm....i'll probably find theres other things to enjoy the day with today - and create some space between mixing an album and 'enjoyment' - but for now i'll make a return to listening to blueneck ready to hear some more didgereedoo now (true)

if you get a minute...maybe let us know via the wonders of good old facebook what your own personal 'great albums from your youth' would be...
im sure theres some beauties

yiassou...(cant remember how to say goodbye in greek...but this'll do)

dunk x