Monday, April 18, 2011

505. 345...

So this week, and next we're back in the studio...we're trying to get this album wrapped up by the end of June and so now we're getting to the time when we have to take things just that extra little bit more seriously, so no more experimenting with stylophone solo's or bagpipe playing (hmm...)
Tomorrow, we'll be looking at the one track that has been a bit of a problem for us...its a track that prior to taking it into the studio, we were really confident about...but it just didn't work matter what we in the end we scrapped it completely and started now sounds completely different to how we intended...but also a lot better...sometimes i guess things work out like that.
i also start vocals this week...which is a good indication of how far along with this record we are as i always prefer to leave vocals until the latest possible moment...i think it gives you a better idea of how the track 'feels'...yknow?
Sandy is also in for a cello session which will be a good day...basically i'll be sat on a sofa listening to him play...each take will be perfect...but he'll still say he needs to do one more take...musicians eh!?

we decided to put on our own show for the end of the european tour..this way we get to choose where we play it and also who we play it with...we've not played in what theoretically is our hometown (bristol) now for quite some time - so it'll be nice.
we've managed to track down the pirate ship quintet boys and persuade them to come and play on the night...hopefully by that point they may be near to releasing their much anticipated debut album!!..? We'll also have a new band called deafhorse playing - they've been getting some really good feedback for their first few shows...all in all it should be a great evening.
... and yes...we DO plan on playing more UK some point.

we'll try and upload some more video this week (and next) from the studio - we've been a bit slack on the video taking front for this recording - but in our defence..its VERY dark down there (lighting wise - not mood wise!)

well thats it from me...ive got a ballache of a headache and so i need something to nullify it.

dunk x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

lilitu - lyrics guys ground me here's the lyrics to lilitu
dunk x

a still born boy who didnt get to where
your mother felt, if you'd have come from there
your baby arms, that never grow
you save yourself, from a desperate soul

once again we lost
all control to lust
once again we loved
and never got to end

a mothers pride, i want to take you down
a degutted child that didnt show
to raise tender, an unholy child
despise your gender and every other life

once again we lost
all control to lust
once again we loved
and never got to end

liliths child
she'll hold you down
you cant get by
by burning out