Monday, June 27, 2011

nam nam nam


As most of you may well now know, we've now finished the recording process of the new album and are now currently in the process of finalising the mixing of the record.
I know that some people/bands really love the mixing side of making an album, but I must admit i'm not one of those people.
Blueneck, being blueneck, tend to get a little obsessive during the mixing stage, and more often than not, you tend to find yourself listening over and over and over again to the same track, listening for the minutest of details that may or may not need changing. You also have the problem that everyone seems to hear things differently and will have a different opinion on something. It can be very frustrating...but hopefully by the end of it, it'll be a rewarding bit of time spent on this.
We're about a third of the way through mixing and i must admit i'm really pleased with how everything is sounding so far.
For those of you that wanted to know..we've named the new album Repetitions..basically because every song is EXACTLY the same. ;-)

Its kind of a bit sad now we've finished recording...i already miss that side of ive started toying around with new ideas that can be used somewhere - blueneck or something else perhaps.

We'll hopefully show you some sneak peaks of the new album at some point soon...but until then...just sit tight..

d x