Friday, September 9, 2011


bonjour etc

just a quick update...

firstly we're aware that is currently being given the tag of being 'potentially dangerous' by google....we've now had the problem fixed, but we're now just waiting for google to unflag us as dangerous criminals that are out to get you all...shouldnt be long.
Theres also a problem with the site in taht we cannot update the store...meaning we cant add the new album or t-shirts in there....we have someone looking into the problem and as soon as its done, the new album and tees will be available to you all. excitement. perhaps.

the other thing is the tour...we've had a frustrating few weeks because a lot of the promoters that have said they will book shows for us are now not replying it looks like we're now going to have to cancel those shows and start the tour a bit later as obviosuly there is no time to book a replacement show (unless you'd like blueneck to play in your living room?) - maybe the promoters heard that blueneck are 'potentially dangerous' and got scared? maybe.

so unfortunately the following shows are now no longer on...sorry to those people that had planned in coming along...its REALLY not anything to do with us...its just as sad and frustrating for us ...:(

10/10/11 - Belgium
11/10/11 - Germany
12/10/11 - Germany
29/10/11 - Paris

not the most joyous of updates...but it matches the downright miserable english weather today at least.


Friday, September 2, 2011

from a great height...

Hey all, Rich here. Thought I'd drop by and say hi...

Thanks to everyone who has spent their hard-earned cash on our new album 'Repetitions'. We're very, very proud of it and we hope you feel like you've got your money's worth. We're getting a lot of positive feedback which we appreciate. Any one of you that creates music will know how much it means to us when we hear that one of you has taken a particular song to heart.

We've been living with some of these songs for over 2 years now (some of you may have heard one or two of them when we were touring The Fallen Host) so it's great to be able to share them with you. One or two of them have been recorded in totally different styles to how we arranged them to begin with, so it's interesting that we now have 'definitive' versions down on record. Only a couple of months ago 'Sawbones' sounded completely different. Only a few months ago we were arguing over tiny details, tracklistings etc etc. It's so nice to be finished and be looking forward to playing live.

Repetitions was always intended to be a very different album to The Fallen Host. Warmer, more tender and less agressive. But it's interesting that when rehearsing, many of the Repetitions songs instantly get harder-edged. The guitar volumes get dialed up in volume, as do the drums. Sawbones, again, is a lot of fun - tribal beats... It even gets Dunk doing an odd dance. Surely that in itself is worth a ticket to one of our shows? :)

With 3 albums worth of material, picking setlists for our October tour is difficult but we're now at the position where we know the songs we're planning to play on most nights. I hope that if you've seen us before then you'll get a few surprises this time round. We've deliberately tried to dust off those songs that, at the end of a show, people have come up to us and give us a friendly telling off for not playing. I'll let you guess what they might be.

One last thing - I'm always interested to hear what fans of the band are listening to. So let us know on our Facebook page. We have a lot of miles to cover in the European tour so we'll try and listen to everything you tell us about.

Here's what I'm loving at the moment... Crosses EP, King Creosote and Jon Hopkins' "Diamond Mine", Jon Hopkins' "Insides", the last Bon Iver album, Bohren & Der Club of Gore's "Black Earth" (everyone knows this is a classic now, right?), the soundtrack to John Carpenter's movie "The Fog" and The Best of Lightnin' Hopkins. Every one a gem.

See you on the road....
Rich x