Monday, November 2, 2009


OK... we've neglected this a little... we've been tied up with other stuff, work, release dates, gig organisation.... excuses, excuses)....

But the new album will be out in Europe first (November) and then the UK in Feb next year. Not quite how we wanted it, but the powers that be have said it's the best way. Whatever.

We're doing a few shows here and there over the coming months, and some live streams from Blueneck HQ.... so we are getting our there.

There will be a new website soon too, and we may move this blog within it, so easier for us to update. Then we just need to actually do it. :)

See you soon

Ben G

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mastering..... pretty much complete.... heard the first one... a few issues, but I think the new record sounds pretty damn fine... so we're there basically. Now to iron out the release details. Not sure how long this might take... hopefully not long. We're as keen to get this out as some of you are to get your mits on it, I'm sure.

We shuld be posting the artwork and tracklist soon, so keep tabs on the website for when that happens.

I can't really write something this week without mentioning the death of Michael Jackson. Probably not the most popular figure to those that follow our kind of music, but he did play a big part in my youth... however much recent years have tainted his image/persona/mental health, you can't take away some of those songs from the 70's and 80's we're absolute belters.... RIP Jacko.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finishing line


We're getting there... I've had the rough cut album mix on repeat for the last few days.... It's gooooood. (Well, I think so anyway).

Looking at artwork now too... my other favourite bit. I've come up with something Dunk and I are pretty stoked by so will no doubt release a preview of it to the hungry public soon.

Thanks for sticking with us – we appreciate it!


PS. Are all baby girls as noisy as ours?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Album update... a pretty manic and intense past couple of weeks more or less literally locked in the studio, we have now practically finished the second album. The first mix was completed 29th March. Sandy (The Pirate Ship Quintet) came back over for another cello session and came up with some absolutely insane parts.

So....what to expect? I'd say we're looking at something thats a bit harder, more intense....and possibly just as draining (if not more so) to listen to than Scars of the Midwest.

We'll be posting up a preview MP3 with snippets from all tracks later this week/next week.

We'll update you as soon as, with regards to release dates etc.......but we're getting there. Finally.

Thanks for sticking around guys.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Fresh Air

Busy week recording wise this week too....theres finally a chink of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Sandy from the Pirate Ship Quintet came over and played cello on a few tracks...his professionalism put us guys to shame. Its always a pleasure playing with such talented musicians...we hope to be joined onstage by Sandy at a few shows later this the meantime you can catch the Pirate Ship Quintet on tour throughout April - i heartlily recommend them - even if they look and come across as a bit 'special'.

I think bens been busy chucking together pieces of video to upload to - theres various bits and bobs here and there, including snippets of new tracks, chess playing and some awful language on my part - which i apologise for. a couple of additions to the audio sections online too.

theres not really a whole lot to update you on really....we have a new engineer (Matt) on the scene in the studio whilst Corin is away in France, theres a new facebook page that you can join if you so wish. but thats essentially it....heads are buried firmly in the ground to ensure we get this next release out to you asap.

we'll continue trying to update things as and when...but until then....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There is a light that will never go out.

Seems just like yesterday that I last did a blog/bulletin
fact it was about 4 months ago...maybe longer.
Recording this current album has been difficult to say the least. Its
hadnt (up until recently) been that much of an enjoyable experience at the point that I, personally, needed to take a step away from
things and leave it to the others to carry the we've had a
pretty much unproductive period for quite a while....which became
increasingly the point where you have to question
whether its worth bothering with... forward a few months and a move into a new studio - once
again up on the mendips, somerset in the middle of nowhere - and
inspiration , and a light at the end of the tunnel has returned.
Finally we're enjoying things again and more often than not, we're all
in the studio at the same time and seemingly agreeing on whats what. I
could go on and delve deeper...i wont bore you...

Anyhow....its been a ridiculously longtime in the making, but we're
finally nearly there.... I think we have the final tracklisting
now....we have Sandy (on loan to us with great kindness from our good
friends, the Pirate Ship Quintet) coming in next week to add strings to
a few of the tracks and I'll also be doing final vocals....we're then
onto the immense job of mixing...which is where Corin will come into his
own....its going to be a mammoth task.

We've discarded some tracks and ideas already....we've uploaded a middle
section to 'seven' which we've opted not to use - find it in the myspace
player. Whilst on sabbatical ive also written some new tracks - along
with a couple of others we've written, we'll start recording next month,
which will make for an ep release that will come out not that long after
the album a bus. Wait ages for one, and then 2 come

Anyhow...ive rambled too long now...we'll be taking a lot more video
next week so will continue to update on all fronts....i think ben
uploaded a new studio video to (maybe myspace too?)

Cheers for your ongoing support...


Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year, New Studio

Man, fresh paint makes your head funny...

Yes, we've resumed work in the studio – albeit at a slow pace. Our producer is two weeks on/two weeks off in the UK, so it's get in there while we can. We just made a start on working up a track which has gone through a few changes... a bit full circle on it now though... but it is slowly getting there. We all want different things tho, so we'll have to see what happens.

Anyway, new studio is nice – a far cry from recording in Corin's kitchen as we had been. And we can turn it up (to eleven) now, so all a lot easier. Hopefully, even though Corin's around less, we should make a faster progression.... hopefully. We're jsut really keen to get something out soon, but our situation is a little against us. Bah.

I'll post some photos when I get around to getting them of the camera....