Friday, March 6, 2009

Fresh Air

Busy week recording wise this week too....theres finally a chink of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Sandy from the Pirate Ship Quintet came over and played cello on a few tracks...his professionalism put us guys to shame. Its always a pleasure playing with such talented musicians...we hope to be joined onstage by Sandy at a few shows later this the meantime you can catch the Pirate Ship Quintet on tour throughout April - i heartlily recommend them - even if they look and come across as a bit 'special'.

I think bens been busy chucking together pieces of video to upload to - theres various bits and bobs here and there, including snippets of new tracks, chess playing and some awful language on my part - which i apologise for. a couple of additions to the audio sections online too.

theres not really a whole lot to update you on really....we have a new engineer (Matt) on the scene in the studio whilst Corin is away in France, theres a new facebook page that you can join if you so wish. but thats essentially it....heads are buried firmly in the ground to ensure we get this next release out to you asap.

we'll continue trying to update things as and when...but until then....

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