Monday, November 19, 2007

All in a days work....


Friday.... spent all (well, most) of the day holed up on the cellar working on the festive stuff. Hopefully we won't be bored of it by the time Xmas actually comes around. It's sounding nice. Even if we did spend ages on a xylophone takes that neither Dunk or myself could perfect. For ages. And ages. (Dunk nailed it in the end). 

Not sure how we're going to get these tunes out to you yet. They might be the podcast. They might be on the site. We don't know yet. They will get out somehow though (unless they turn out reeeally badly, in which case we'll just forget it ever happened.)

The cellar isn't a very nice place to spend toooo long in. You do tend to pick up the damp smell all over. I think the mince pies definitely helped the day go along though....

We're mixing said recordings now, so if/when they're ready, we'll update y'all.



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Loopers said...

Hi Dunk,

Hope the tracks sounded good and we get a taster of them at christmas. Maybe even download one as a ringtone for my phone.

p.s If you don't know who loopers is ask your mum.