Saturday, April 26, 2008

Slow go.

Yes. More apologies. We're a bit crap at this blog stuff.

To be fair though, we've not been doing much to write about. In the midst of holidays from various people, studio work has been put on hold. Ben P and I did go in a week ago for him to tinker with some basslines to a couple of tracks...

It is beginning to shape up, albiet very slowly. But we're in no rush. I think "Low" has great potential....

I'm having a break with my family this week, so hopefully the others guys will get some more done whilst I'm away, for me to get started on when I get back. I'd wanted to have a stab at the Radiohead remix challenge, but with most things these days, I ain't got time. Bah.

I've heard the vinyl of 'Scars' is ready now, so I'm pretty excited to see it. It should be in our store in a week or so. Hooray, I hear you shout. (Maybe).

Until the next time.

Ben G.

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