Friday, August 8, 2008

Beards. Thoughts. Anfield. Beards.

We've now entered a short break period in recording due to Corin selfishly going on holiday for 5 weeks. Things had really started progressing over the last few weeks so I guess in a way its quite dissapointing to stop...although really, its probably for the best as we can take a step back, look at what we have and decide what is needed to complete the tracks...we at least have what I think is the basis to the whole album now...The last few days i've been working on some of the vocals...some pretty straight forward, others maybe not so...see the problem is that a couple of the latter tunes have been written on my piano at home...which is in a slightly different key to the actual piano we use (ie my piano is out of key!) so ive found myself gasping for air now its in the right key. Man I talk shite.

As you may have read we thought we'd toy around with a few covers ideas...theres been plenty of suggestions and ive come across some really good music through those thoughts and ideas... so thanks for those...feel free to keep adding them....the forum at present seems to get read the me anyhow....we thought we'd record a couple initially straight to within a month you should see something uploaded.

Football season starts next week....about time! Me and ben really should be getting ourselves up to anfield more this season... its good for inspiration...inital hope...and then just despair! ...maybe things will change this year....and the next blueneck album will be full of short 2 minutes pop tunes?

Enough from boring myself here...I need more new music recommendations ...theres a thread in the forum for this...its amazing what amazing music you've missed out on...


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