Friday, July 23, 2010

uni, presto, bobby, venger ...

Once again we start an update apologising for the lack of recent updates...
you've heard all that before...

so yeah...what been going on since the last update? johnny had a baby, england failed dismally in the world cup, i ran away and married the merch girl, we started recording an ep, wrote more new songs, ben had a birthday, as did johnny, rafa got the sack, decided the ep will be an album etc etc..

But yeah..overall its been pretty fkg hectic. I was away throughout June travelling around California. Amazing fact we have plans to do a short tour March/April next year....only thing about the USA is the fact that you have to be 21 just to BE in a bar...making it pretty hard for people to get into a show surely? I found this when we tried to go see a random band in a bar in san diego- but were refused entry as i didnt have ID on me...despite being well over 21! It must be pretty hard for bands to exist over there youd think?

We started recording again about 8 weeks ago. We've moved to a studio run by Mat Sampson in the city of Bristol in the basement of an old town house..very cool - quite different to our usual recording environemnt...but yeah...what started out as an ep has now basically turned into the embryonic stages of album 3...I think we were all so pleased with the initial sessions that we felt that we had the makings of a more than adequate follow up to the fallen host...The album is now basically written...with about 75 per cent of it recorded at one stage or another. The aim being that we'll sign it off by the end of this year...with no silly release delays this time...!!! As always it'll be released on the same formats as usual.

We've also got a few shows to be concentrating on...all the more difficult as we'll be playing with a replacement for Ben (Green) on these dates as he's unavailable to play live for the rest of the year unfortunatly...So Oli Duerden will be joining us to cover Bens role.
The dates will take us to a few new and a few familiar places and we're very much looking forward to getting back on the road and giving a few of the new songs their first airings.

Hopefully you'll hear from one of the other guys soon...but dont hold yer breath!


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