Tuesday, August 24, 2010


4 days ..hang on...5 days , till we leave for folkestone, on our way to cross the channel for the long drive to frankfurt...thanks to timo at denovali for booking the first gig so far away...sometimes i think the guy really has something against me! ;-)
Apologies for the cancellation of the gig at Prague too...this would have given us an 11 and a half hour non stop drive to Poland the next day...it really wasnt viable....once again...blame timo for this...tsk.
I think we're just about ready to play a few shows. Just about...As previously mentioned , Oli has done a sterling job taking over from Ben G...he's fitted in so well theres no doubt he'll be a permanent fixture in blueneck now. A lot of equipment has gone wrong, needed repairing or replacing this last month or so...luckily we've had a lot of people help us out. Ben, Rich and Oli all have new guitars and i've had 2 of mine overhauled...i even found out the birthdate of my fender telecaster - 3rd March 1973...how anyone can find out such stuff is beyond me.
Our producer Mat, over at Bink Bonk studios has been looking into modifying my amp and also attempting to fix my piano module...we really could do without the piano going wrong again...as anyone that was at the gig in lille earlier will testify to!
I think though, that we've more or less sorted out equipment issues...thanks to everyone thats helped on that front.
We've ordered in some new merch...a VERY small amount of new fallen host 'bird' design merch...printed on dark grey...they'll be exclusive to this tour only and will be the last lot of fallen host merch that we have done. There are also some numbered prints from scars of the midwest and the fallen host. So hopefully some of you can pick these up on the tour next week.
You might have seen the video from rehearsals we took of le:465 on facebook recently...we've taken some more footage of rehearsals and will be uploading ub2 and a one of the new songs over the next day or so. Facebook seems to be the easiest place to share these so keep an eye out there...we'll also try and keep an update going whilst we're out on tour...bth rich and ben are pretty savvy with updating when we're mobile so we'll leave it to them.
Hopefully we'll meet some of you over the next couple of weeks...and if not...maybe in october or november.

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