Friday, September 24, 2010


thought i'd write a quick update after returning back to life's 'normality' after our short expedition to Eastern Europe.
I think we all enjoyed the tour a lot...we got treated ridiculously well, made new friends and reaquainted ourselves with old ones too.

Far too much went on to write in detail about each show/city etc so i'll try and cram it all into as small a package as possible for you....

After a momentous drive we visited what I presume were the outskirts of Frankfurt for our first show. Great venue, lovely promoter, and a barman that doubled up as the soundguy! nice. Especially pretty funny when you want your vocals turned up and the sound guy is serving a pint of beer! We stayed in the red light district of Frankfurt that night, kindly refusing the advances from the local 'working girls of the night'...interesting place....i even witnessed a BMW driver smack a wobbly cyclist off of his bike...he seemed more concerned about his headlights than the cyclist that was bleeding from his mouth.
Hmmm...if i carry on like this, this 'brief' update is going to last a lifetime....lets try and fix this...
Freising - Very cool venue in an old army base. Met some lovely new friends here. Ironed out some technical problems from the previous night and aired a couple of new songs for the first time. Stayed in the army base on our own...i swear it was haunted..we have video footage to prove (kind of ) as much...then we locked ourselves out of said venue at 3am...apologies...again! 8(
Gdynia - Loooooong drive....grey skies. grey buildings....the venue wa cool support band and we played ridiculously early...meaning we were finished up had time to eat pizza and drink jack daniels (a good mix)..
Poznan - ANOTHER loooong drive - thanks Timo ;-) - Unfortuanlty we didnt have much time to explore the looked like it may have been nice....can anyone confirm this? The cobbled street where the venue was - was nice at least? Think we had a LOT of sound issues at this show - this was a shame as a lot of people came along (some from quite a distance) - We slept in a childrens nursery taht night....pretty surreal.....and it was at the top of an 8 story building.....not nice.....espeically taking all the equipment up all those flights of stairs....grumpy blueneck the next morning!
Krakow - lovely city...shame the one way system makes it impossible to find anything! Klub Re was a great venue - we met some lovely people and I think we started to really gel as a band on this night...Baring in mind Oli had only had about 6 weeks to learn the entire setlist with us. Im awful with names...i apologise for this...but thanks to the guy that hitchiked 300km to get to this show...means a lot. We were then given a tour of Krakow...not the British stag party tour but a proper bona fide Polish tour of the local pubs....we were up until 5am drinking Polish vodka with cinnamon...beautiful...I needed to be up a couple of hours later to meet Emma at the airport. nice. Emma joined us halfway do the merch properly for us or just to hang out and sit on a rickety tour bus for 8 hours at a time? not sure. But the merchandise help was indeed much appreciated! x
Final night in Poland was Katowice...i dont know where to should be in a blog by itself....probably the most interesting venue, promoter ever....the venue was full of old vintage american muscle cars...we had smoke machines blasting out at us throughout the show...and weirdly , bublles falling down....apparently there was a snow machine that could have come into action at any time!...we were plied with polish vodka, metaxa, who knows what else!!...all i wanted was soe milkshake...i wasnt allowed 8(...i felt ill the next morning...not as bad as ben mind...
Off then, to Leipzig...I was a little worried that after such a great show and time here in February that it wouldnt be as good....but it was like going home..we love the people there very much and had a lovely evening...its always such a pleasure playing at the Paris Syndrom. I think we can safely say that they are now good friends...There IS a secret plan in progress regards to blueneck and the Paris Syndrom actually - ;-)
Dresden next...lovely venue...biggest yet...we were looked after like royalty...amazing food, amazing drink and totally professional sound and lighting was a pleasure playing here...and so many people came that made the whole night so great....We even had a couple that came along that had got married that day i awful with names...and ive forgotten their names...VERY rude...but one of the other guys will put me straight...congratulations to you both again.
Also apologies to the people that shouted out for epiphany to be played...we've actually only ever played it once....and that was at the launch party for scars of the midwest...we WILL play it again...i promise.
Oberhausen was last...unfortunatly there were sound issues which wasnt so great for us on stage and the people watching - i guess..always a little dissapointing...we did get to meet up with our friends from denovali though...our third date no less...We've bonded a strong relationship which is why we're very happy for Denovali to be releasing album 3 solely by themselves this time...the release will be capable hands..very much looking forward to date 4 in essen at the Swingfest (i beleive there are still tickets left!)

Well...thats it...i tried to keep it as brief as possible....those of you that know me well, know its hard for me to keep things im patting myself on the back ...
The tour was great...very enjoyable...we have 8 shows remaining before touring takes a MAJOR backseat and we complete the album..i'll miss playing live....but its something to look forward to getting back into next year sometime.
We're now going to phase out all of the fallen host no reprints on any of it...grab it whilst you can....hopefully see you at one of the last 8 shows...


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