Friday, March 25, 2011


So...its been a while. As ever we've been real slack with updating the website and posting blogs etc...although we HAVE got better at keeping updates flowing on (what seems to be) everyones faithful friend, Facebook lately...but maybe thats due to the fact that having access to such social networking tools is a lot easier these days. ie its seems to be on everyones phone/ipad/ipod/whatever the latest gadget is.

Anyway..we're close to finalising the third blueneck album and so I guess its inevitable that we're going to start posting blogs and updating things a bit mor! scandalous.

So...since Rich's last blog, we've come on a lot further with the record and we've now got the entire album tracklisting down in some form or another. I think the whole process has gone really well, and ive enjoyed making this album immensely...the only drawback has been the availability of the studio, which has held up the album recordings from time to time.
We're due back in the studio very soon and we'll have Sandy coming in for a day to try out some cello ideas on what we have...its one of my favourite parts of the recording process...sitting for a whole day listening to cello. good times.

So people have been asking us what to expect...well, i think essentially its still very much blueneck...but its far more vocal heavy than say The Fallen Host...its certainly less heavy too, but I think theres still a really intense feel to everything It'll probably also be apparent that we've recorded in a different studio with a different producer..theres a lot of depth to the sound...we've been spoilt for choice with a vast array of vintage amplifiers, old valve mics, a ridiculous selection of guitar effects, a melletron (my own personal favourite!), a VERY ancient piano and a ridiculous choice of analogue synths at our disposal.
We've also been creating a lot of the effects in real time too...playing along with the track as opposed to editing effects in afterwards...its all been a lot more hands on...which is kind of more enjoyable for us as a band. Our prucer Mat (Sampson) has kind of pushed us to work more in this, if you dont like the album...just blame Mat!

So yeah...we have a deadline to get this finished by June, so that we can release in September...and then we head on out to the road to travel around Europe for just over 3 weeks which will be great...ive really missed playing live and meeting old and new friends alike.

We've not planned anything for the UK as of yet...but im sure we'll do a couple of shows later in the year...

well...until the next blog...

dunk x

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