Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So the last time the blog was updated we were still mixing the album....seems like an age ago now...but i guess it was only like 4 weeks ago or something like that.
So where are we now? Well Denovali have started the pre-order prior to it hitting stores on September 23rd, and theyve also made the MP3 version available as of now....
im also aware of a fair few sites that have made it available as a 'naughty' download...
Ive been asked a few times what I think about this....My opinion might be a little different to some others...and thats that I'm not really against these sites sharing the album...it CAN actually help a band out from time to time...a number of people have come up to me at various shows and whilst buying an album from us, they tell me that they indeed have had the album a long time after downloading it for free but are finally getting around to buying the album...i beleive if you fall in love with an album, you eventually want a physical copy of it...and you'll buy it one day or another...possibly....even if you dont, youre likely to go see that band live if they happen to roll into town to play a show. That in itself helps a band to survive...

So whats the band doing now? Well we're now currently rehearsing for the next tour in October. Its tricky as we're having to learn how to best play some of the new tracks live...we're needng to stretch ourselves a bit more this time...which isnt such a bad thing - For instance we've got Oli playing violin aswell as guitar (not at same time mind!), myself whacking additional drums, Ben and Rich swapping instruments and also Oli playing organ too (not at the same time as the violin or guitar)...its a challenge....but actually quite enjoyable i have to say.
The other major thing for rehearsing for this tour is the fact that we no longer have Johnny on drums...he had to unfortunately bow out and take a step back from the commitment of touring with blueneck - it must have been a really hard decision, but he has a young family and his priorities lie there - we miss him a lot - you have to remember that he's been a part of blueneck since the beginning...but I guess these things happen. good luck jonky!
So we now have a new drummer called Chris Copsey who has been working tirelessly to learn a bunch of blueneck songs - things have finally started to gel over the last couple of weeks and we've been able to start adding in more and more songs to the setlist. so welcome aboard chris!
So what can you expect on tour this fall? well we'll be playing a mix of old and new as im sure you'd expect...we've also been working on one older track in particular that we've not played live ;-) - i also see that we're playing with some other great bands aswell along the way...which is always a bonus.
hopefully we'll see some of you along the way...


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