Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Epilogue and Album 4...

Hey everyone, So we have a new album arriving in October. What can I tell you about it? Well, as you probably now know it's called 'Epilogue'. It's an instrumental album, so (durr...) no vocals. We recorded it with Mat Sampson, the Repetitions producer. It's a soundtrack album, but a soundtrack for a film/story that doesn't exist (well, not outside of Dunk's head). It's not a full follow up to our third album Repetitions, rather it's album... 3.5, perhaps. A diversion that turned into a full scale journey. Without a doubt it's a "headphones" album (one to soak in with your stimulant of choice, if you can be bothered...), but it's had as much love, imagination and time put into it as any other normal Blueneck album, and we hope you like it. Meanwhile, we've already started work on what we're calling Album 4... The full vocal album follow-up to Repetitions, which we plan to release in late 2013. Most if not all of the songs are already written, as is some of the arrangement, which is kinda unique for us. In the past, much of our previous recorded work was started from scratch in the studio. I think the melodies Dunk's put together are some of his best, and the plans that we have for the recording, approach, sounds and collaborations should make this a departure from what you might think of as traditional Blueneck. 'Epilogue' is named that way for good reason... Finally, we're getting prepared to take the band out on tour in October. It's a short tour compared to last year, but we do get to stop by some new countries and play the awesome Denovali Swingfest for the first time in a few years. Then we play our last show of 2012 in Paris with Mono, which we're really excited about. I don't think any of us have actually seen Mono play live before, so we're going to be as excited as the rest of that Parisian crowd to see their show. Hope to see some of you on the road... Rich

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