Wednesday, January 27, 2010

just a distant hum

Busy week this week. Seems we've left certain things like travel arrangements, for next weeks short tour, to the last minute. I guess its kind of the blueneck way.
Its also been an expensive week...buying band equipment in particular. A delay pedal for the moog (which we're re-introducing to live shows), numerous other effects pedals, leads and also the jack socket on my guitar went in for a all adds up....put on top of that tickets for 'the end of the road' festival, alcoholic faith mission, los campesinos and a silver mt. zion, and january is proving to be a wallet melter so to speak.

so the video for lilitu has finally made it out for you all to view online...hopefully youre liking went through a number of storyboard changes until everyone was happy with it....Myspace are showing it exclusively all this week...its a shame they were (or maybe STILL are) under the impression its actually called lulitu..and not lilitu....i looked up results...if anyone can shed any light on the meaning of lulitu then id be interested to know!

we've finalised the designs for some extra merchandise too....this will be available from Feb 2nd onwards at all of the shows next week...if there is stock left then obviosuly it'll be in the online store...the design is based on a screenshot from the video. but yeah...hoodies, t-shirts, bags and a few ltd edition screen printed posters are going to be available.

We've also been discussing dates for further tours this looks quite likely that later in the year we'll be re-visiting mainland europe and taking in germany, france, holland, spain and portugal along with the UK. THis should all be confirmed really soon. We'll now be concentrating on summer dates and finalsing plans for these...we're looking further afield for these dates.

so yeah...the tour essentially starts tomorrow in the UK...we're playing at a great venue in Bath called the Green Park Tavern. These guys are one of the rare places in the UK that actually take care of the bands and ensure that its a great looking forward to playing there again and seeing a few familiar old faces.
We then play in London which was a hastily put together date with a lot of help from Marcio (thanks)...but im also looking forward to this as we're playing with a couple of really great bands...Khuda and The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - its such a bonus when you get to play with bands youre looking forward to watching.
Then its onwards to france and germany....reuniting with one of my favourite bands that we played with last year Sankt otten...check these guys can find them via the denovali records website.
Its my birthday whilst we're hoping to celebrate with a drink or 2. Ben P tells me i dont have to do any work that day other than playing a show...i'll be holding him to that.

so maybe see some of you over the next week or so....if not...maybe check back to the blog where we intend to run a tour diary as such...and we'll also be putting together a few video clips from the trip.


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