Friday, January 29, 2010

Green Park Taven - 28/01/10

This was the first of 8 dates over the next 10 days, and where better to play it than what is (more or less) a home town gig at a venue that knows how to look after their bands properly and ensure a really enjoyable night.
The Green Park Tavern has developed into one of those rare venues that actually have a passion for music and are trying to bring better known bands into town along with promoting local talent along the way.
George Knight - once again opened the night. He's a solo singer/songwriter. He's very good, great voice and seems to get better each time i've seen him..he's got a growing fanbase too, so worth keeping an eye on i think.
Mo (the owner of the GPT) booked a band called 'The Ginger Cravings' - unfortunately they dont have any recordings yet as theyve only recently formed so I didnt know what to expect....but man...theyre good. Its hard to explain what this 3 piece sound like...and i wouldnt want to do them the injustice of attempting it...but they were amazingly tight for only their second show. Changes in tempo here there and everywhere, quiet/loud/loud/quiet. They certainly need to get some recordings done soon...its the sort of band that our European label Denovali would love i think. Swingfest '10 perhaps?...maybe theyd need to change the name first ...? ;-)
Anyway...Blueneck then played a longer set than we've been playing recently...which was really nice for a change...most of the shows over the next few days 'should' be longer sets i think.
We've re-introduced a Moog Prodigy to the set up which i think adds a bit of bottom end at times and overall just improves things on an atmospheric level and Rich has been adding some really nice parts to some of the songs....I think thats one of the more enjoyable things over the past few rehearsals, playing around with the current songs for the live shows.
Anyhow...we played a mix of material from both The Fallen Host and Scars of the personally really enjoying playing Ub2 again at the minute....A few glitches here and there throughout the set...but overall it was good fun...and a really nice responsive crowd with some good old fashioned somerset banter!
London next....playing with a couple of bands im really looking forward to watching....hopefully see some of you there.

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