Monday, February 8, 2010

Bardens Boudoir, London 31/01/10

The week started out with a trip to North London...a trip that due to traffic lasted about 8 hours as opposed to just under 3!..not the best of starts. Still, the guys at Bardens Boudoir were well prepared for such occasions and it was decided we'd just set up equipment and just play. I think the long journey kind of took it out of the band, and brains were slightly frazzled...hence us countlessly forgetting the order of the fact i still dont recall it now...other than we finished up with 'amoc'.
We played with 2 other bands that were kind enough to play with us at late notice. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster from London who were excellent, and also potential labelmates (for blueneck), Khuda - quite how a 2 piece make so much noise is beyond me...great band and lovely guys - Hopefully they'll finish up their debut album really soon.
We had recordings from both bands in the van for the rest of the week and both got regular plays. Thanks to Marcio for arranging this one at such late notice - a top guy whose friendliness was the perfect appetiser for the rest of the lovely people we were about to encounter that week.

Weaving Spiders Come Not Here

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