Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At last....

Well finally we've managed to return to the studio to start recording the follow up to Scars of the Midwest! Its taken far too long to get back to this stage, and in all honesty I think theres been times since we released scars that it probably looked like we wouldn't actually release anything else again through one reason or another.

I'm very much hoping that this recording doesn't take anywhere near as long as the first album took - there was a lot of messing around and over experimentation that took place that time...and a lot of tracks that we just gave up on - im pretty confident that that wont happen this time. We already have johnny's drum tracks recorded to what we think will be over half of the album, and ben is due in this week to start putting down the basic bass initial bass parts.

It looks like you can probably expect a slightly heavier sounding blueneck this time around judging by the VERY early stages - I wont elaborate too much more on that yet - but you 'll be able to see snippets that we're uploading to the youtube channel during the recording sessions.

Oh..Corin has moved the studio too....we're now in a farmhouse...overlooking the Mendip hills...with ducks, geese and the occasional pig and dog wandering around...its an ideal opportunity to re-create the Pet Sounds cover art... ;-)

We'll try and keep you updated regularly with random thoughts of whats going on and with a bit of luck we'll get ben and johnny offering their mutterings soon.

Until then...

D.A x

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