Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're not dead.


Yes, we are still alive, and apologies for not updating the blog as much as we should. We are lazy. No excuse. I'm sure you'll understand.

Anyway, good news is we're heading back into the studio this weekend as a last-minute decision... Corin Dingley with be dealing with production and recording duties again, and it's fair to say we're all pretty excited... We've got new tracks to be going back in with, some which you may have seen on the YouTube page... some stuff might grow along the way. We'll add video diaries and stuff as we go along, snippets of tracks and general tomfoolery. 

It's gonna be a little while before anything comes together, but hopefully we won't take as long as we took on 'Scars'....

Until then....



We've found some limited promo-sleeved albums, which we've all signed and now added them to the shop on the site.... there's only 18, so if you want one, you know what to do.

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