Monday, March 10, 2008

bad head in the morning

me and the boy Paget spent some time in the studio over the weekend just gone. We both had pretty bad headaches...I think we'd both like to think that it was down to a virus or just something going around...but the fact that we may have had a wee beverage the previous night probably didnt recording some of the more extreme loud guitar parts wasnt really ideal....the initial plan was to record some nice soothing bass and for me to have a kip and drink coffee...but that went out of the window when ben's bass decided it no longer wanted to behave properly. We got extra guitar parts down to a couple more tracks but in all honesty i dont really remember how they were shaping out...most probably due to the numbness of my head that day.

we did see the farmer on his tractor about to spray shit everywhere whilst we had a short 'coffee break' - initially we werent sure that this act wasnt upon reflection of what noise he'd been hearing coming from the farmhouse.

oh...ive once again gotten behind on posting out orders from the store.....SORRY!!! it shall be done this week without fail.


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