Wednesday, March 5, 2008

pillow talk

Last night I finally got around to commencing work on my own parts of the album that need to initially be put down...its been a while since ive put down any guitar parts in the studio environment and in all honesty I found it hard to get into the right frame of mind....which is basically an excuse for being piss poor to begin with! We spent the evening looking at a track which is still , as yet, untitled (its been that way for around 18 months or so) - and after some random experimentation, cider drinking, questions of a sexual nature regarding ben g and several tweaks of nobs here and there we finally came up with a majority of my guitar parts for this track....overall its sounding in pretty good shape and now just needs some mass explosion of BIG guitar to finish the track some extra blueneckness here and waffling again arent i? anyway yeah...its gonna end up pretty much bonkers.

Corin's currently building a lovely new studio out in the middle of nowhere (again) which is going to be ready soon - so we'll currently be vacating the farm and all its lushous animals and will be finsihing off this record there. The new studio sounds immense, full of secret tunnels that lead to lands afar. this may be a slight exaggeration on my part. i dont really remember.

Oh...i've currently taken over responsibility for posting out the merch/albums etc sold through the blueneck store...I kind of forgot to post out the orders last week so apologies to all those that maybe received their albums a little late...i have some more to post out tomorrow...i WILL post it on time..sorry - its just the way i was made. We have a few of the signed scars promo copies still left and have now got the last few actual copies of the album. These ARENT being re-printed...just so that you know..

until next time

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